With the our system, you can send email notifications about any actions to your customers and staff. You can set the title and content of these email notifications with specific keywords as you want.

You can send email notifications in actions:

  • New Appointment – When customer adds a new appointment.
  • Appointment rescheduled – When information of appointment is made change by manager. (Time or date of appointment is made change)
  • Appointment approved – When manager confirms an appointment
  • Appointment pending –
  • Appointment rejected – When appointment is rejected by manager.
  • Appointment canceled – When appointment is canceled by manager.

You have to adjust each act individually for Customer and Staff. In action if you want notification to go, firstly you activate that action with Switch button in front of it in available tab (in tab of staff or customer, if it’s needed every 2 then in every 2 tabs), and then fill in the subject and body (every field is filled separately for staff and customer).
If you would like to test the subject and body you enter, then you can register your email in the opened window and send test mail by clicking on the SEND TEST EMAIL button.