Add a “Book Appointment” widget to your Squarespace website and boost your bookings. When customers hit your online store, they can self-schedule an appointment then and there. This integration enables you to display a booking widget.


  1. Copy the code from your admin panel in "Share your page" section and log in to your Squarespace website.
  2. Select "Pages" and open the page you’d like to edit.
  3. Click the teardrop shape to the left side. You’ll see options to insert a new element; choose "Code"
  4. Remove the default code and paste in your Qgard snippet. Save your changes to see your brand-new "Book Appointment" widget!
Example of the code you copied from the "Share your page" section:
<!-- Qgard.com iframe -->
<iframe style="max-width: 980px; height: 600px; width: 100%;" src="https://qgard.com/your-domain-name?iframe=1"></iframe>
<!-- Qgard.com iframe -->