By adding your Qgard Booking Page to your Weebly website, you’ll empower customers to book appointments with you online, any time of the day or night. This integration allows you to add a “Book Appointment” widget.


  1. Copy the code from your admin panel in "Share your page" section and log in to your Weebly website.
  2. In your Weebly editor, select Embed Code from the Basic toolbox and drag it into the workspace.
  3. Click the Embed Code box area. In the Edit Code window that appears, paste the code and save your changes. The booking panel will be visible once the site is published.
Example of the code you copied from the "Share your page" section:
<!-- Qgard.com iframe -->
<iframe src="https://qgard.com/your-domain-name?iframe=1" style="max-width:980px;height:600px;width: 100%;"></iframe>
<!-- Qgard.com iframe -->