Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you have a problem with your booking system you can contact us at any time by emailing support@qgard.com and we will deal with your inquiry as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can live-chat with

Where will my booking system be located?

You are purchasing a cloud-based service. With this model, you do not need to worry about the technical settings and the location of the software. After authorization, you will be taken to the admin panel

What sort of skill level is required to use the booking system?

You do not need to be a computer genius in order to use our booking systems. They have extremely user-friendly designs so they are suitable for users with basic computer skills, as well as those

What support do you offer after purchasing a booking system subscription?

Qgard Booking System will provide you with user guides to help you get to grip your new booking software. We also offer support over the contact form, via email, and through the live chat service

Do you have any more questions?

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us at support@qgard.com, or complete the web contact form at https://qgard.com/contact-us/